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Housekeeping Services

This is vital in any office environment as the core duties of the resident employees are paramount to any organization, and should not be disturbed under any circumstances.

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Garden Maintanance

The hobby of gardening may be highly beneficial as it reduces the stress and boredom of daily monotonous life and also makes the surroundings beautiful.

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Pest Control

We undertake pest control, rodent control, measures at your premises to enjoy a peaceful atmosphere.

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Manpower Supply

We provide various type of manpower viz service office boy, messenger, Data entry operator, Typist, Receptionist, Tele calling, cheque collection personnel on short term or long term basis for your office.

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Service Standards

Basic Standard : Maintain at all times in good condition - office areas, service areas, public areas , utility areas , fire exits, stairways, basements , lifts , car parking and external areas.

Prestige Standard : High standard of cleanliness and appearance at all times including maintaining higher floor gloss levels – VIP board rooms , VIP Pantry , Reception areas , Lobbies and Top Management floors etc

Hygiene Standard : Areas where a high hygiene standard is mandatory –Hospitals, sterile areas , toilets , kitchens , cafeteria , pantry , vending areas , first aid rooms .Waste bins , hidden surfaces , hinges, underside of workstations etc to be maintained free of dirt, stains, waste matter, watermarks and scale using appropriate cleaning and sanitizing materials.

Business Support Services

Spick & Span offers a range of Support Services to improve and add value to the work environment of our client - allowing them to concentrate on their core business activities. Many of these work solutions have been developed over time , in pace with the growing needs and changes in their business environments.

Scope of Services:

Our resources listed below - are trained to integrate to the clients requirements with our services becoming an extension to their business needs .

 ♦ House Keepers

  ♦ Office Boys

  ♦ Handy Boys

  ♦ Pantry Boys

  ♦ Runner / Dispatch

  ♦ Supervisors

  ♦ Chauffeurs

  ♦ Security Guard

  ♦ Security Supervisors

  ♦ Armed Security Guards

  ♦ Electricians

  ♦ Electrical Supervisors

  ♦ Plumbers

  ♦ Carpenters

  ♦ Gardeners

  ♦ HR Manager

  ♦ HR Executive

  ♦ Facility Manager

  ♦ Front Office Executive

  ♦ Receptionist

  ♦ Horticultural Supervisor

Human Recourses



Desired Skills

Cash Control

Interaction with guests

Analysis and Reporting

Team handling

Guest issue handling

Business Planning and Management

Inventory Control

Feedback process

Communication and Presentation

Shift handling & Shift handover

Customer satisfaction

Customer Focus and Relationship Building

Cross-functional team management

Assistance to every guest

Champion for Change

Services To Various Industries


Residential Apartments


Mega Malls



Corporate Companies


Independent bungalows

Central / State Government Office

Educational institutions

Guest houses, Theaters

Software Companies

Commercial complexes,

Clubs and Resorts

Banking Sectors



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